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Happy Hour: 3pm - 7pm

Duck into this bistro tucked into the heart of downtown to grasp the quintessential essence of days when martinis were singular and conversations plural. Nestled within the river bend but above the hubbub of the River Walk, you will find bistro fare with a comfortably upscale Southwestern flair.

By the glass or bottle, the wine list traverses the globe, with a hospitable emphasis on Champagnes and domestic varietals. Our bartenders craft the cocktails you crave, or you can slip into the quaint courtyard to puff on a fine imported cigar while savoring a glass of vintage port.

Housed in an historic building more than a century old, Zinc takes its name from the metal popular for bar and table tops in France more than a century ago. Pronounced "zonc" in French, zinc soon became slang for a neighborhood bar. While we want to you think about Zinc for drinks, we don't recommend you get "zoncked" or in a "zonckered" state, terms derived from the French slang for a casual neighborhood spot - like Zinc.

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Rudy Souberbielle

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Gabriel Garza

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Peggy Laird
Diana Dotson

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